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Deep Dish Pizza 12"


Serves 4-5 people and includes one topping. Authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza made with our homemade crust and chunky tomato sauce. *Please allow 45 minutes - 1 hour to prepare. It's worth the wait!

Deep Dish Pizza Toppings (Select 1):Italian Sausage Spicy Italian Sausage Ham Pepperoni Mushroom Black Olives Fresh Tomato Green Bell Peppers Jalapeños Pepperoncini Onions Pineapples Spinach Fresh Garlic Hot Giardiniera
Deep Dish Additional Pizza Toppings 12" (Optional):Italian Sausage +$1.75Spicy Italian Sausage +$1.75Ham +$1.75Pepperoni +$1.75Mushroom +$1.75Black Olives +$1.75Fresh Tomato +$1.75Green Bell Peppers +$1.75Jalapeños +$1.75Pepperoncini +$1.75Onions +$1.75Pineapples +$1.75Spinach +$1.75Fresh Garlic +$1.75Hot Giardiniera +$1.75
Deep Dish Specialty Toppings 12" (Optional):Grilled Chicken +$2.50Hamburger Beef +$2.50Meatball +$2.50Extra Cheese +$2.50Bacon +$2.50