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Combination Italian Beef Sandwich


Delicious Italian beef slow cooked in au jus sauce served on warm Gonella bread .Topped off with a charr grilled Italian Sausage .With your choice of Dipped or Dry. *Please leave note 

*Dipped -Sandwich with beef will be dipped in Au Jus Sauce , then wrapped up tight .
Sandwich will be prepared wrapped up and Au Jus Sauce will come on the side.

Dipped or Dry (Select 1):Dipped Dry
Wanna Top It Off? (Optional):Add Sweet Peppers +$1Add Hot Giardinera +$1Add Mozzarella Cheese +$1.99
Wanna Beef It Up (Optional):Add Extra Beef +$3.95Add Char-Grilled Italian Sausage +$3.50
Sides (Select 1):Fries (Included) Remove Fries +$-1Sub Homemade Onion Rings +$3Sub Side Salad with no Dressing +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Ranch +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Caesar +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Thousand Island +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette +$4.50Sub Side Salad with French +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Jalapeño Ranch +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Italian +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Blue Cheese +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Honey Mustard +$4.50Sub Side Salad with Caeser Style with Cesar Dressing +$4.50
Extra Side Dip:Ranch +$0.75Jalapeño Ranch +$0.75Caesar +$0.75Blue cheese +$0.75Thousand Island +$0.75Balsamic Vinaigrette +$0.75French +$0.75Italian +$0.75Honey Mustard +$0.75No Dressing Ceaser Style W/Ceaser Dressing +$0.75